Epson Perfection V850 Pro the review - Profiling the scanner.

This is a short tutorial of how to use the application Xrite i1 Scanner to make a color profile for the Epson Perfection V850 pro.

A good scanner color profile is a smart way to get a scan that is more true to the colors of original. It also give you a better starting point for further editing and a short-cut to a good end result.

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Typical IT8 Target to the left. This one is from Monaco Systems but several other brands can be used with i1 Scanner like:

Step 1.

In the i1 package you will find two it8 targets for scanner profiling. One of them is for reflective scanning and the other (which I have chosen) is a 4x5 positive film target.

Now it time to scan the target and I chose to use Epson scan for this. Make sure to turn off all adjustments and color management to be sure that the image get scanned "RAW".

Scan at the i1 Scanner suggested resolution and image format (300ppi uncompressed 16 or 24 bit TIFF for the 4x5 target) and save the scanned image of the target where you easily can find it ;-)

Note: I suggest that you do the RAW scan with the same scanning application that you intend to use for your future scans. If you want to use SilverFast scanner software (Also bundled with V850 Pro then use SilverFast to create the "RAW" target scan.

Xrite i1 Scanner is a bundled software that was delivered with the V850 Pro that is easy to use.


i1 Scanner profiling start screen during Epson Perfection V850pro profiling.

Step 2.

Open up i1 Scanner program and you will find this start screen now just click scanner profiling button and go to the next step.

Note: There is no reason to select Advanced, this version of i1 scanner for Epson only have Basic interface.


Instructions given step by step for scanner profiling

Step 3.

Time to select target type in the drop down i chose Xrite transparency 4x5 since that is the target I have chosen from the bundled package when you have chosen your target type click next >.

Note: The documentation was a bit cryptic here but I found out that Xrite target was the same thing as Monaco it8 target.


it8 target loaded in i1 Scanner for Epson V850 pro

Step 4.

Now load the scanned "RAW" Tiff image either by simply dragging it to the field with the "square and avatar" or by clicking on Load Image... button and select the right file and click next >.


The it8 target have a reference txt that corresponds to a ref file

Step 5.

Click Load the reference file and you will get a view like the image below.


i1 Scanner it8 target reference file selection

Step 6.

Chose the file that corresponds to the target, the yellow square on the target scan will give you a hint which file to chose, select and click open.

Note: The bundled software did not contain the reference file that was required for my target so I had to download an updated reference file.
Link to 4x5 Transparency Reference file 2007..2014 for PC
Link to 4x5 Transparency Reference file 2007..2014 for MAC
Link to reflective target reference file 2007..2014 for PC
Link to reflective target reference file 2007..2014 for MAC

Xrite i1 Scanner page for Epson


i1 Scanner for Epson Profile creation

Step 7.

Name your new profile with a descriptive name and chose which ICC profile version you would like to create and where to save it then hit the "Create and save profile" button.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to use the profile with Epson Scan chose "ICC Profile Version 2". This is due to the fact that Epson Scan will not work with Version 4.

The ICC Profile Version 4 does however work just fine with SilverFast and various image editors like Photoshop Gimp and probably many more.


Epson V850 Pro on Windows How to install ICC profile

Step 8.

In Windows (Have not tried this on MAC) Look up the ICC Profile file and right click it to select "Install Profile" and your profile will get installed to Windows Profile folder and become ready to use.


CMS setting for Epson Perfection V850 Pro

Step 9.

Image above shows the setting you need to do in Epson scan to embed the profile within the scanned image. click the button Configuration (you need to be in Professional mode) and you will reach the menu above in Epson scan.

Epson V850 Pro it8 target raw scanned

  <-- "RAW" scan from Epson Scan no
 color corrections or other adjustments.

 Epson Perfection V850pro all color corrections and other improvements turned off.

 Epson Perfection V850pro configuration settings for a RAW scan to be used for profiling
 Settings used for the RAW scan.

 Epson V850 Pro built in Profile sRGB
 output not bad at all and i guess most
 users will use this setting and don't
 bother with custom profiles.

 Custom built i1 Profile sRGB output.

 Custom built i1 Profile Adobe RGB output.
 Adobe RGB Profile embedded.


 Same scan as the previous Adobe RGB
 but now converted to sRGB during JPG  conversion.

Some flower scans with different scanner ICC profiles;-)

Epson Perfection V850 Pro Raw scan in EPSON Scan software

The RAW scanned 35mm mounted slide to the left here scanned at 300ppi since this section is all about color.

Some variation of settings and tweaks in the following images below all scanned with the Epson Perfection V850 pro of course.

All except the RAW one have had some sharpening applied as follow.

Amount = 400
Radius = 0.3
Threshold = 0

Epson Perfection V850 Pro standard film profile in  EPSON Scan software Epson Perfection V850 Pro standard film profile in  EPSON Scan software plus restore color ticked
Epson Perfection V850 Pro standard film profile in EPSON Scan software Epson Perfection V850 Pro standard film profile in EPSON Scan software plus restore color ticked
Epson Perfection V850 Pro  i1 Scannercreated profile used with  EPSON Scan software Epson Perfection V850 Pro  i1 Scanner created profile used with  EPSON Scan software plus levels adjusted in image editor
Epson Perfection V850 Pro i1 Scanner-created profile used with EPSON Scan software

Epson Perfection V850 Pro and a profile created with i1 Scanner.

Used with EPSON Scan software plus the levels adjusted in a image editor with setting as in the image below.

I vote for the custom profile but thats me ;0)

From now on I will use custom profiles on all further scans in my Epson Perfection V850 Pro review.


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