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  OK! I will not spend my time on tech specs or "what's in the box" related info.
  You can get that from Canon directly [ Here ]
  But in short, it is a flat bed scanner with film scanning facility's.
  I will not dig in to reflective (Paper) scanning as any scanner would be able to
  output high quality in this area, so I would once again waist yours and my time
  by trying to review reflective scanning quality.

  I have two other canon scanners on hand for comparison.
  The Canon Canoscan FS4000 film scanner.
  The Canon Canoscan 9950F flatbed/film scanner.

  I also have Vuescan software and will use it along with
  Canon Scangear CS V.12.0.1
  to reveal how much quality/resolution it is possible to get from this scanner.

Slide scanning (what I rely care about)
Canon 8600f reviewReview object 8600F
  The test slide, house erection in Beirut with cranes and everything :0)
  Velvia 100F 35mm mounted slide (abused but this does not care in this review)
  Red squares are crop positions for compared/analyzed areas.

  If you like to play with this scan by your self click [ here ] to download it.
  straight from the scanner no USM applied and at jpg quality 10 (high)
  The link goes to my Picasa album where you can download the full res image.

  First scan, performed with Canon scangear software and this settings.
  First scans on next page, it takes 7minutes to scan at 4800dpi
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