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Diy 6x17 camera

2008-08-07 A mini diy project.

In the DIY section you will now find 2 new projects that are easy and quickly done.
It will result in some nice protection for your precious lenses.

Cost and work put in to this project is moderate and the result is quite nice.

Picture shows the Nikon MC-35/Globalsat BR-355 hacked in to one box!
  Diy 6x17 camera made of aircraft grade aluminum
My D.I.Y 6x17 camera in beta stage :0)
The diy scanner camera project
First test setup for my D.I.Y large format scanning back.
Just to find out if it is worth it; It is, and the project is on!
6 pages online right now!
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Why DIY Photo?
DIY Photo is not always a matter of saving money, the reason to build your own photo
equipment can also be the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you did it with your own
hands and it works!

The dedicated photographer might also find situations and needs for special equipment.
Photo gear that might not be available or maybe just to expensive to buy.

Home built cameras can make photos that with equal quality to pro gear for less money
and you can customize it to fit your needs and already available gear.

This Diy photo site contains camera equipment projects at many different levels of
complexity, I hope that everyone from beginners to advanced will be able to find a
interesting project to be inspired by.

Keep D.I.Y / Stefan L