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During many of my projects I have been missing one important thing.
A ball head to carry a heavy load!

This is essential when it comes to keep the camera steady at slow shutter speeds
I should have bought this ball head a long time ago when I started my DIY projects "The diy aluminum 6x17 panorama camera" and "The scanner camera project"

After some research I decided to get the Cullmann ball heads in this review,
the large one for heavy loads and the smaller Magnesit 25 for lighter use and
for backpacking so here is my impressions of those two ball heads.

(Some images borrowed from

Cullmann Magnesit 35nm WB   (40200)

Cullmann Magnesit 35nm modell # 40200
This is the top model among the Magnesit ball heads, with an advertised load capacity of up to 30kg (66lb) and a torque resistance of up to 35 Nm (300in/lb).
The rubber-coated adjusting knobs for ball friction, ball lock and pano lock provides
good grip and feels just right against my fingers.
The Magnesit 35 as well as the 25 model has a 360° panorama scale.
A notch in the head provides 90° tilting possibility for portrait photos.

The Adjustable quick-release system has a safety lock and can be tightened to
become completely free from movement and the quick release plate included is
quite large 90x55mm and provides a stable platform for large cameras and lenses.
Platform is delivered with both 1/4" and 3/8" connection.

The Integrated platform pin that stops rotation is spring loaded and retracts
automatically when not in use.

WB in the model name stands for Weight balance.
This is a feature in the quick release that make it possible to adjust the platform
back or forth in the quick release about +- 15mm to improve camera/lens balance.

There is also an optional accessory the 40500 CULLMANN QR Adjusting Platform XL
that are 140mm long to make it possible to make even larger weight/imbalance compensations.
Tech data (40200)
* Torque 35 Nm
* load capacity 30 kg
* Diameter 70mm
* Weight 996g
* Aluminum housing
* Price paid 123 euro/30oct2008
Cullmann 4500 WB plate
The Cullmann accessory WB QR plate #4500 140mm long.

For reference a well known can of brew :0)
Can contains 33cl of ice cold yummy fluid.
The Cullmann Magnesit 35nm WB is huge and feels just as solid as I want it to
and I would trust it to carry the most expensive gear without being afraid that it would fail.
The controls are silk smooth and the ball locks in a manner that makes it feel rock solid.

I wouldn't even hesitate to put my large Scanner camera on top of this ball :0)
The only thing I rely would like to change in a future model would be to change the
quick release plate system and make it ARCA/SWISS compatible since this system is almost
considered to be industry standard.

The Cullmann quick release is good and I feel confident with it but a standard is a standard :0/

Anyhow I give this ball head since I fell nothing even come close at this
price built quality is German style and has a feel of BMW & Mercedes and you get it at the
price of an Hyundai :0)

Cullmann Magnesit 25nm  (40180)

Cullmann Magnesit 25nm modell # 40180
         Tech data (40180)
* Torque 25 Nm
* load capacity 12 kg
* Diameter 50mm
* Weight 446g
* Aluminum housing
* Price Paid 69 euro/30oct2008

The little brother (or sister if you prefer) of the
large 35nm and is just as nice as the big one.

Perfect for backpacking and hiking due to the
low-weight/High load capacity ratio of 446g/12kg

The only difference between them except for size
is the lack of quick release system on the smaller
Magnesit 25nm.

The round platform is 50mm in diameter and is double sided with both 1/4" and 3/8" connection, one on each side so you have to unscrew it to switch thread size.

This is also the point of frustration on this ball
the threads are just tooo nice and free from friction
so it unscrews a bit to easy and some times unintentional.

Anyhow this can be cured by using a bit of soft glue on the threads (I use regular white wood glue)

There is also an optional accessory Quick release unit the 40450 CULLMANN QR- Unit L available.

Now I must try to find that light and stable carbon fibre tripod
at a bargain price to, when I do you will hear from me again!

The Torque figure explained (text and images borrowed from Cullmann)

Torque = Force (F) x Lever Arm (l)

The LGA Nuremberg has subjected the
CULLMANN Magnesit ball heads to
numerous load tests, and they achieved
values of over 35 Nm (40200 CULLMANN
Magnesit 35 Nm WB).
With the CULLMANN Magnesit ball
heads you have large safety buffer and
the right ball head for almost every
possible kind of equipment.


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