Publish your own review/diy project at StockholmViews.com

I guess that many visitors find that my photo gear reviews could have been
made better, more professional :0)
I will not argue about that, instead I invite anyone to help me to improve and
extend my website with quality content.

If you have a review or DIY project that are photography related that you want
to see published here, just send me an e-mail and let me know about your project/review.
Big or small it doesn't matter, I will make room for it on my server if I
find it suitable.

I can send you a html page template to use or if you prefer, just write it in a
regular word.doc . I want all images that are used in your review/project to be
both placed out in your page layout and to be sent separately in higher resolution
(About 1200px wide at jpg quality 10) to me.

Your suggestion nd draft can be e-mailed to admin@stockholmviews.com

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