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The DIY Panorama head El Cheapo!
Panorama head
This is how the finished DIY panorama head looks :0)
And I started whit this window post consol!
Panoram head parts
The parts you nead to build your own panorama head!
The iron plate is has spacer washers to lift it from
the rivet nut flange of the lower part of the panorama head bearing.
I used M3 screws to fit it to the lower bearing disk.
Another view of the lower part of the bearing
The consol is attached to to the upper aluminum disk with
2 counter sunk screws protruding part was cut of to be used
as part of the horizontal bar clamp.
The clamp contains an M6 bolt soldered to that cut of part
and an nut with handle to make it easy to adjust lens nodal point.
How to do that? I suggest this link as a start.   (kick here)
Two additional pics just in case :0)
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