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About StockholmViews

Stockholm views was first launched at 2001 and have since been published material from my own do it yourself photography projects, a few reviews of equipment that I bought and found interesting to investigate in a more detailed way to find out there real potential and performance.

Stockholmviews is also the place where I prefer to display some of my best photos "In my gallery". I don't try to hide that I like stuff and I can promise that more reviews and D.I.Y articles will show up in the future. However I would mind some help ither, so If you have some great Ideás or have made som usefull D.I.Y camera gear just send me an e-mail and I might publish it (all credit to you of cource).

Lately I have started a new section called "Out of topic" just to be sure that I can publish all kinds of articles and gear reviews that I might find interesting, like the Range Rover P38 section that now have grown to become its own sub website and the Badminton section that is following the development of a new synthetic badminton shuttle that might replace the Goose feather shuttles in the future.

I hope you enjoy the visit and welcome back again/ Stefan

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