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This will become my collection of Ken Rockwell quotes :0)

Don't get me wrong, I like Ken Rockwell and love to read his web stuff, but I know
that not all people find him political correct in all his writing.

Anyhow I'm sure he didn't intend to be so either and I'm also quite sure that he gets
inspiration from they who seams to hate him as much as from his fans.

Like Marilyn Manson, Ken Rockwell writes what he wants and stand for it no matter
what other sensitive, photo religious or conservative people thinks about it, and that is nothing but Refreshing!

The best of Ken Rockwell "Quotes" starts here. (And will be updated whenever I feel for it!)

  • Ken Rockwell about Ken Rockwell

    "I have the playful, immature and creative, trouble-making mind of a seven-year-old, so read accordingly."

    "While this site is mostly accurate, it is neither legally binding nor guaranteed. The only thing I do guarantee is that there is plenty of stuff I simply make up out of thin air"

  • About color

"This is excellent. It's not supposed to match - cameras are creative devices, not copy machines."

"Don't waste any time calibrating anything; today's printers, cameras and scanners are calibrated well enough out-of-the-box."

"My D200's colors are fabulous, and my work is all about color."

"2005 is ancient history in digital camera years." (Written in 2008)

  • About photograpy

    "If I ever made any shots that good of something this sacred, I think I'd just give up photography and call it a life." (Ken talking about Hawaiian photographer Clark Little and his faboulus photos of waves)

  • Short quotes

    "DX is dead for pros"

All quotes are taken straight from www.kenrockwell.com, without asking :0)

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