Diy photo gear by

This is my ongoing 6x17 panorama camera project!
Self built 6x17 panorama camera
Just a few teaser images :0)
I get back later with some details and maybe an complete
building description with drawings, keep visit back for updates!
I found my lens for this project on ebay!
Diy 6x17 panorama camera mad of aircraft grade aluminum
Caltar W-II  90mm f8 lens.
Focusing unit of my diy 6x17 camera
Focusing is done by this Meccano like looking unit.
Most parts of the camera is made of 2mm aircraft grade aluminum.
roll film holder of the 6x17 diy camera
Film holder and internals of the 6x17 camera housing
soon to be painted flat black internally.
Caltar W-II 90mm F8

The lens I got it thru Ebay!

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