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The GigaPan Imager in its beta stadium as delivered to me (camera not included)

The GigaPan robot in its consumer beta shape is designed to be used with
compact cameras like the Canon G9 or similar.
I do own a Canon S70 and could well have used it to try this thing out but........

Since I'm also a DIY kind of person I could just not resist to try to modify
it to be used with a small DSLR.

I found a 2nd hand Nikon D60 that I thought might be suitable and got a
great deal so the D60 will be the camera to serve this project/review :0)

To accommodate this D60+lens I felt that I had to make the robot a bit
more stable and decided to make a new camera tray plus an extra support
bearing to cary the extra load a DSLR should cause.

Lets get on with it :0)

The GigaPan robot beta modell
The Gigapan Robot internal parts

To be able to attach the new bearing support without destroying the internal
parts of the Gigapan Robot, I had to take the robot apart.

When I did this I discovered that the robot is quit sturdy built.
It has a cased aluminum chassis as a base.
A and the tower holdig the mechanism for vertical panorama movements
are made out of quality plastics that feels rigid and has virtually zero flex.

My consernes is all about the plastic tower and the bearing holding the tray.
That is the part I will improve first of all.

Circuit board for Gigapan Robot

Circuit board a good looking one (above).        
And the part I am most conserned about (Right)
Vertical movement tower and bearing

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