YungNuo YN-128 review

This review was fun to do, because this is great gear for the money.
The YungNuo YN-128 is nicely put together and feels like a quality product
almost up to the standard of gear from camera maker giants like Nikon and Canon!

In another review of this remote controlled shutter release, the reviewer pointed out
the spiral cord to be the weakest point and the single item that made the radio remote release to feel just a bit less than a genuine Nikon product.
I don't agree, the wire feels just fine in quality and a thicker cord would only make
it feel unnecessary bulky.

Nikon/Canon YN-128 wireless remote release (Radio controlled)
I paid 28USD batteries was included.
Genuine Nikon 10pin connector
Genuine Nikon 10pin
connector with
metal locking ring!

The receiver can also be used as a wired "Cable release" and will then work without
the supplied batteries,this is a nice feature that can be your rescue in case you run
the batteries flat and left your spares at home :0)

The receiver uses a regular CR-2 battery and the transmitter a 23A type battery.
The camera connector (My is the Nikon D200 etc model) is of very high quality
and virtually a original Nikon 10pin connector, complete with the metal lock ring.

In good conditions (free sight to receiver) the Radio control can operate the shutter
from as far as 100 meter away, perfect for shy animal photography and other
occasions when you have to be far away from the actual photo site.

Transmitter has a built in telescopic antenna that extends 12cm when fully extended
but is only necessary to extend when you intend use far away from the receiver.
Transmitter only use battery power during transmitting so the battery life is long
and no on/off button is necessary.

Buttons on both the receiver and transmitter feels just right and the function
are just like the ones fitted on the camera housing.
Half press to activate auto focus and full press to release shutter.
The remote transmitter has 2 modes, Regular/self timer mode (Bulb).

The receiver and transmitter can be configurable to 16 different radio channels
to make it possible to operate several remotes without interference.
The receiver can be mounted on regular camera flash shoe.

YN-120 rf remote shutter release mounted in flash shoe of a Nikon DSLR

In short: This is a no-frills product that cary a high built quality that actually made
                 me feel that I got more than I paid for, a thru bargain thank you Yung nuo :0)

Similar products can also be found and are sold under names like Phottix, Opteka, Link Delight
if you search for it also try to search for both Yung Nuo and Yungnuo.

Note: There are at least tvo version available of the YongNuo and this review are about V2 (YN-128).

Get this one and similar Wireless remote shutter releases from [here]

User manual.

With the shutter buttons on the transmitter and receiver, you can do the followings:

-Half Press to activates autofocus.

Single Shot:
1. Switch the camera to single shot mode.
2. Full Press to release shutter and take pictures.

Continuous Drive:
1. Switch the camera to continuous drive mode.
2. Full Press and hold it to release shutter continuously.

Bulb Mode:
1. Switch the camera to Bulb mode.
2. Full Press for 3 seconds.
3. The receiver is in bulb mode now.
4. Press the button again to close the shutter.

Two Seconds Delay Mode:
1. Switch the camera to single shot mode.
2. Switch the transmitter to two seconds delay mode.
3. Full Press and the shutter will be release after 2 seconds.


  Remote Control Receiver
Power 12V 3V
Battery 23A (included) CR2 (included)

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