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Handpresso, outdoor espresso maker review

During a long waiting session for the perfect wildlife scene to show up in front of
your camera, or the light to become just right for the perfect landscape photo
you just got to have patience and keep alert enough to not oversleep the
perfect moment, this thing might help and you will at the same time get a cup
of excellent espresso.

I actually use the Handpresso Wild as my only espresso maker, just because this
little fellow makes the espresso as good any other coffee I have tasted.
And It is just perfect for long computer sessions too :0)

- Pressure of 16 bar
- Water reservoir of 50ml
- Very compact 22 x 10 x 7 cm
- Light weight 476g
- Color black
- E.S.E pods

Handpresso wild
Handpresso coffee maker
Pressurizing the handpresso

This + something to heat the water
with is all you need to make your

Outdoor I use a camping gas stove and at home my regular kitchen stove.

  • Prepare your Handpresso by building up
    pressure with the integrated hand pump.
    Make sure the air valve is closed then
    just pump like you do with a regular
    bicycle pump Pressurize to just below red mark.
    (Requires some, but not excessive
    muscle power to get to 16bar)

Fill the espresso maker with hot boiling water
Load the handpresso with a coffee pod
  • Now just pour boiling water in to the
    small water tank.
  • Put a espresso coffee pod in the holder
    and screw on the cap.....
Making the handpresso ready to brew
Starting to brew espresso
  • Just like this.
  • Press the air valve with your thumb to
    release the pressure in to the water tank
    and it will use this pressure to force the
    water thru the coffee pod and make you
    a perfect espresso.
A nice cup of espresso to enjoy
The handpresso protecting case
  • Crema perfetta, StockholmViews gives
    five thumbs up
  • The protecting case is optional accessory.

The E.S.E pods are the holy grail for us that thinks that old espresso coffee grounds
are messy to handle, they also makes it easy to make the espresso taste the same way each time since the dose are exactly 7gram in each pod.
E.S.E=(Easy Serving Espresso)

Reviews of different coffee brands (E.S.E pods) here!


The Handpresso movie by Handpresso.com

Update, some useful accessories and an alternative coffee maker.


How to boil water for your Handpresso brewer then.
Well I must say that I have found the most compact and efficient
alternative has to be the Jetboil Personal Cooking System - S09

It is small and light and has an built in heat concentrating system
that helps to make the heating of water and other fluids like soup
fast and safe.

This is a high quality product and will last for a long time.

Highly recommended.

Jetboil personal
MSR stored
MSR wildelife stow

A similar product from another quality outdoor brand is the
Reactor Stove System from MSR,
The MSR it is not as compact as the Jetboil personal but it is still nice, and larger volume is not always an handicap.

Jetboil Coffee Press Accessory

Finally there is also an integrated coffee brewer Jetboil system for those who prefer filter coffee :0)

It is a presso filter insert for the Jetboil personal and
can be bought either in kit with their personal system
or separate for you that already own a personal Jetboil system.
presso brewer filter
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