Kodak Ektar 100 review / evaluation

Today it is rare to se a new 35mm film to be released but here it is!
The new Kodak Professional Ektar 100 film and here is the review....

Kodak tells us:

"Featuring ISO 100 speed, high saturation and ultra-vivid color, EKTAR 100 offers the finest, smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.

Ideal for scanning, and offers extraordinary enlargement capability from a 35mm negative. A perfect choice for commercial photographers and advanced amateurs."

Kodak Ektar 100 review   

Lets find out if it is true :0)

I have finally my hands on a roll of film to evaluate, it came as a free sample
together with a photo magazine.

I shoot this first film in weather conditions that make everything to appear B&W.
The weather has been everything but nice for almost a month now in Stockholm :0(
Still the shots will be useful to examine the "holy grain" of the Ektar 100 with!

I have ordered a 2nd roll and will extend this review with additional pics as soon as I get some spare time and the conditions for photography has improved.

Test shoot Kodak Ektar Proffessional 100
Nikon F100 AFS 17-35 F2:8 @ 17mm F2:8 (ISO set @ 100) weather soosoo :0(

"Micro-Structure Optimized T-GRAIN® Emulsions Ideal for scanning"

Ektar 100 Nikon F100
It didn't get more colorful this day!

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