The Gigapan panorama photography robot review by, page 2

The Gigapan unit in modified shape

Modified Gigapan robot, to make it work with a dslr

This is how it looks when almost
New tray and supporting bearing
has been fabricated and fitted
to the Gigapan head top plate
with screws and nuts.

The purpose of the rod to the
right is to cary a counter weight
for balancing the tray to minimize
torque load for the vertical
movement stepper motor.


Bearing assy

Close up of the fully adjustable
bearing and support.

I had to make it adjustable due
to the adjustable camera
platform attaching point to the
Gigapan drive unit.

The Nikon D60 can use an
IR remote shutter release so I
decided to use that option and
made a new mount for the
shutter release servo to operate
the IR handset.

The servo is a regular RC model

Nikon D60 mounted on a Gigapan imager robot head

Assembly with the Nikon D60
The IR remote can also be
spotted just beside the lens.

I might modify the shutter assy
further to move it from the
platform to avoid vibrations
to be transformed to the camera
during the servo shutter release.


A view of the complete assy.
You can see the counterweight
that can be altered to balance
out different lens/camera combinations.

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