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Camera bellows
A few images of my bellows construction
Camera bellows paper guide
I made some simple calculations [Guesstimating involved)
then I made this simple paper template.
(I will add a proper pattern with measurements later)
Camera bellows stiffeners
Under construction!
First I used the template to mark and cut out a sheet of dark cloth
(White on the inside, used for home cinemas etc iI found it at the local fabric shop)
then I taped it on a fiberboard to keep it flat and wrinkle free.
Then I used masking tape mounted upside down on the dark
cloth 2 stripes/side of the cone.

This helped me to hold the stiffener strips in place while I organized them.
Stiffeners was fabricated with a paper cutter and was made of cheep
cardboard document binders.

When all stripes was organized and lined up, they was glued in place
with contact adhesive I used a small paint roller to spread it evenly.
The tape was left on all the way in to the final construction.
Bellows stiffeners in place
This is how it looks when all the stiffeners are glued in place
Next step (Not shown here) was to glue another sheet of thin flat black
fabric(the inner liner) to cover the stiffeners and sandwich them between the dark cloth and the inner liner.

I used black cotton aimed for bed sheets as it was the cheapest :0)

Also notice the overlapping edge to the right, that are used to close the
bellows tube so that it becomes light proof.
Paper form for the camera bellows construction
This is the paper cone that I made to make it easier to glue the bellows
together, it helps me to get a straight, not twisted bellows.

The same cone can also act as a help to keep everything straight while
folding the bellows.

More details about how to fold can be found if you browse thru the
bellows links at the bottom of this page.
Final result, a nicely folded camera bellow
The result!
Foot print of the bellows is about 260x350mm.
It was much easier than i first thought, but time consuming :0)
Tapered camera bellows folds very flat
Thanks to the tapered design, this particular bellow folds very flat.

I rises less than 20mm above the surface while compressed and
extends to more than 320mm fully extended

This will allow me to use both of my newly bought Russian lenses
that are 200 and 300mm designs.
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