Canon G10 review by

Images for comparing noise and noise reduction influence of
shoots at different iso settings.

The G10 compared to the predecessor G9 from Canon in regards of
ISO vs Noise and image detail!

Both cameras was set to ~ 30mm, images from the G9 was up sampled from
4000x3000 to 4416x3312 to match the output from the G10 no post processing
like USM sharpening has been done.


Looks like the pics from the G10 is sligtly (very sligtly) sharper than the G9 but that is a soooo small difference it can probably be explained by fabrication tolerance and sample spread and or the fact that the G10 was used at it longest lens setting and that the G9 was backed of to 30mm to get the same framing as the G10.
Anyhow the differences is small and I and most other people will ignor them!

The full frame and crop position overview!
Overview image for Canon G10 vs G9 iso noise test
Here some iso noise tables that I borrowed from
This curve confirms what we can se in the images above.
Not much in difference in between those two sisters in regards of noise performance!
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