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During this review of the Canon G10, I will try to find out if it fulfill my expectations and needs as a enthusiastic amateur.

Lets start to compare it to its older sister the Powershot G9.
Canon Powershot G10 review

Even thought you can easily see that those cameras belong to the same family they
are and looks quite different in there look and feel, a short overview of the most important differences will follow.

They also uses different lenses
the G9 is a 7.4-44.4mm 6x zoom lens (35mm equivalent: 35-210mm)
while the G10 has a wider but shorter 6.1-30.5mm 5x lens (35mm equivalent: 28-140mm)
(More about that and more in the tech data page)

The G10 is slightly larger and heavier
G9  (WxHxD) 106.4 x 71.9 x 42.5 mm 320g
G10 (WxHxD) 109.1 x 77.7 x 45.9 mm 350g and blacker :0)

Top view Powershot G9 vs G10
The G10 also have one more selector knob, so the iso selector on the left of the G9
has now become a exposure compensation knob on the G10.

And the shooting mode selector on the G9 has been replaced with a dual
mod selector / ISO selector knob on the G10 (I really like the exposure compensation knob)
The back of the Canon G10 vs G9
Not much to say a bout the back, looks pretty much the same as the G9 and there is
only small differences in the menu, except for the added "My Menu" page that make it
possible to create and store custom menus for different needs.
Difference betwene Canon G10 and Canon G9

There is also lots of accessories for both of those cameras from Canon.
I will not list them here so I suggest you take a look at for a wide
range of Canon Powershot G10 accessories and Canon Powershot G9 accessories
both from Canon and from 3rd part producers.

The Actual Canon G10 review starts here..

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