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König HDMI extender for CAT5 and CAT6 lan wiring
HDMI transmitter and receiver.
I would like to start this short review of this
exelent HDMI extender form König with some
thumbs up fore thumbs up.

I found myself in a situation where I needed do
hook up my new beamer the amazing full HD capable Panasonic PT-AE3000 (Review here) from
a distance where regular HDMI wiring wouldn't
be able to perform at it's best.

I was searching for a way to amplifier the signal
to conserve the image quality over my intended
running length of 70ft (25meters).

I found a lot of options and I will list them and
make a brief overview of them below.

  • If money was no object I would probably have opted for an fiber optic HDMI extender solution like the Gefen HDR1000 for best signal and image quality.
    This solution makes it possible to use 330ft (100m) fiber optic wires.
    Hooks up like:[ HDMI wire - wireless Transmitter - wireless Receiver - HDMI wire]

  • Wireless HDMI extenders like the Gefen EXT-WHDMI would also be lovely.
    I didn't opt for this either since it was even more expensive than the fiber optic
    alternative. It is also a rather new technique and might not be mature enough.
    This might be the future but I didn't want to be a beta tester for a new born and
    expensive product so I stayed away from this one too.
    Another drawback is no 1080p just 1080i so far (Will also change in the future).
    Hooks up like:[ HDMI wire - Transmitter - fiber optical+cat 5 wire - Receiver - HDMI wire]

  • HDMI extender/amplifiers like the Phoenix Gold HD.REP-FF this is the most common solution and uses HDMI wires on both ends. easy to hook up but not suitable for
    longer runs than 100ft (30m) I was looking for something that could extend more.
    Hooks up like:[ HDMI wire - Transmitter - HDMI wire - Receiver - HDMI wire]

  • HDMI over regular CAT5 / CAT6 Lan wiring.
    This was the option that I opted for and it ended up to be cheep reliable and capable
    of "up to 200ft" (60m) full HD 1080p resolution, it uses 2ea networking cat5 or 6
    wires to transmit the converted digital signal between transmitter and receiver.
    Hooks up like:[ HDMI wire - Transmitter - 2 x cat5e/cat6 wire - Receiver - HDMI wire]

  • HDMI Extender over SINGLE CAT5/CAT6 wiring , this was not available at a cost
    effective price when I bought my unit other wise I might have got this type of
    extender instead.
    Hooks up like:[ HDMI wire - Transmitter - 1 x cat5e/cat6 wire - Receiver - HDMI wire]
HDMI over CAT6 lan ethernet wires

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