About my findings and frustrations while digging in to the IOT world (Internet of things).

Just to make this clear I’m NOT a programming virtuoso, not even close!

However I will try to write down what I find out during my struggle to get my ideas to work.
I do this more like notes for my own reference but decided to share it just in case someone else might find it usefull. No! I will no be offended by creative and helpful suggestions!

My primary tools and hardware is a few different  ESP8266 development modules and boards, various Android phones and pads plus software and apps like, MIT App Invenor 2,  BLYNK and I will probably also dive in to MQTT and some other programing languages huuu…


ESP8266 in various incarnations and development boards.











Note: Info about the board in the top right corner is hard to get, I will post some secrets here sooon :-)

And all this just for fun :0)

The list of projects that I have in mind is.

  • Wireless control of a coffee grinder with built-in pre selects and weight based grinding for correct amount of ground coffee for wanted amount of brew.
  • A remote control app for my home cinema screen and window blinds.
  • A temperature and fire monitor app for a wood burning sauna.
  • Wireless controller for my high-speed slide film “scanner”.
  • And………?
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