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About and Wy!

Well... as I started on the index page of the stockholmviews.com Web design and development start page "Pages found in this section of my webspace contain some of the know how that I have been collecting during my own web projects"

There is probably no information in this section that can't be found anywhere else on the www BUT I will still write it down as it will serve as a logbook so I easily can get back and reuse some of my research work.

Even if I have fetched most of the code from other websites and magazines there is almost unlimited possibility to combine code to get it to do what you want, and anyone that have been working with HTML Java script PHP MySQL FTP HTML5 CSS CSS3 FLASH etc can sign up on the fact that some times you can see your hair change color to gray when you struggle to get the damn code to work the way you want it.

I do hope that you will find something usefull here and I would love to get some feedback sugestions and help with corrections if you find my errors because they probably are there somewhere :0)


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