Super fast slide digitizer part 2

The initial stages of programing the relay sequence controller have been successful and the software have become almost usable :-)  Below you can see the parts involved in this project parts that are cheap and easy to find (Ebay) and this is all you need part from the 2nd hand slide projector.

The actual control software is written in Python this is actually my first ever programing attempt so the software might feel a bit old and unpolished. In case anyone with skills in Python 3 coding is reading this and would like to help, just send an e-mail stockholmviews [at] gmail .

Update will also be at   Twitter

4 channel USB relay for camera shutter and slide projector controll

The USB 4 chanel relay  (about 5 USD)

Camera shutter release cord (about 3 USD)

Camera shutter cord

Software free of charge from

Free usb relay camera controller software for slide film copying