Photos from Stockholm

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About Stockholm

"Stockholm is generally referred to as Beauty on Water, or Venice of the North which is understandable, as the city is built upon 14 islands. It is surrounded by Lake Mälaren, and by the Baltic Sea. The mixture of old and new, greenery and water, picturesque narrow streets and engaging modern broad ones provides an attractiveness you rarely meet elsewhere. By steamboat you can take trips out into the archipelago, or go in the other direction to Lake Mälaren with its characteristic and amazing nature. Taking one of the canal boats one can see Stockholm from under the bridges which also is a charming way to discover this radiant city.

Whatever the mood you are in, the right place to be is in Stockholm. Stockholm can provide for, as for example; royal magnificence, the world's longest art gallery in the Underground, Swedish cuisine, outdoor as well as indoor museums, churches, palaces, events performed live either indoors or outdoors. Why not take the tram, which in Stockholm is a mobile museum, along the route of main museums in the city, take a city walk, or travel in an air balloon and see it all from above.

As water covers one third of the city area, the maritime life is an important aspect of the city. There are plenty of bridges, marinas and locks. The water is so clean that you can, in fact, catch salmon in the middle of the city, just a few minutes walk from the city centre. The climate is very much conditioned by the sea winds, so even the warmest summer day will be contingent upon the sea breeze finding its way into the city streets.

Stockholm has been described by poets, historians, and foremost by the Stockholmers themselves in poetic and vivid descriptions. They all have one thing in common; they all agree that wherever you stay at the time, however beautiful this spot might be, no place is like Stockholm. So, the beauty of this city is well praised and surely, once having visited this place, you will never forget the very special atmosphere, that is so Stockholmian. "

Quote from: http://www.sverigeturism.se