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The ultimate D.I.Y scan camera shortcut.
   This is a great way to save time if you accept to spend a bit more!
Scanner camera built from a notebook case and a screen shade     
   I guess that you already got the picture :0)
   (image abowe is a photo montage)
   Get your self a cheap notebook briefcase, big enough to hold the
   Canon Lide scanner inside.

   Then cut a hole in the case to expose the scanner glass.
   Now get a notebook screen shade of bellows type (B&H have them in stock)
   and attach it to the
   briefcase arround the cutout you made (with black silicone maybe).
   Also remember to make a cutout for the USB connector.

   If you intend to use a long lens you might have to put a spacer
   between the briefcase and the bellows to increase the distance or
   you could select a deeper case to mount the bellows to.

   A pies of 6mm plywood glued to the front of the bellows with a
   suitable hole for your lens isn't that hard to ac hive.

   Another approach to this is to buy two different sizes of the
   screen shade bellows and merge them to one unit or of coarse
   you could order a custom size bellows for your project.

   If you only use one lens the cheapest aproach would be to use
   Some cind of rigid plastic foam material and build a cone with
   the correct fixed length for hyperfocal distance.
   Small focus adjustments can be done with shims of cardboard.
   ref: my test setup, page 1 (image of polyplopylene foam below)

                                 PP foam

   Another things that have to be fabricated is the tripod mount.
   but I leave that to you :0)

   Notebook cases can be found from next to nothing and up to
   "way to expensive".
   Screen shades of bellows type are about 100-150 USD.

   If you build one of those briefe case cameras, let me know about it:0)
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