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Test images using the Russian 300mm lens
Overview image
This picture was photographed "scanned" from the same location
as used when I made the initial test with the Olympus zuiko 50mm
lens at page 1 of this article.

Scanner area coverage of this lens in this test image was 274x196mm
or if you like 18,8"x7,8".

Test image scanned at 600px and produced a file size of 8mb and an
image size of 6474x4668px
Details at 100% from one of the windows "the one with most light"
EFT filter applied but not in anyway optimized.
Selfportrait with the scannercamera
Me sitting on wooden step, captured by the scanner camera.
Some people walking by during a 40 second 150dpi exposure :0)

It was almost impossible to get any clue about the exposure
since the daylight was to bright for my laptop screen.

First thing to do before next outdoor shooting will be a shade
for the computer screen.
This page will be updated as soon as I have made some more testing.
Next page is for the lazy D.I.Y guy/girl!
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