Sigma APO 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM review by, page 2

Sigma 150-500mm OS vs Sigma 80-400mm OS

In this page I will try to figure out which aperture to use for maximum sharpness.

DIY test target for camera lens testing
Above my home made test target.

Test target contains of 1 cardboard of 70cmx70cm and 5 square targets on which
I have typed the figures 8-72 in corresponding Verdana font sizes.
There is also an 5 euro bill in the center and a gray card all those parts are easy to
get so it's an easy to make DIY test target.

All test shots was made outdoor so there might be "some" variations in exposure.
Camera on Tripod OS off.
Not rely laboratory standard but more like "real life" style testing.

All crops are at 100% in camera sharpening in my Nikon D200 was set to -2
All images to be compared have been sharpened with USM @ R 0.3 and A 400 T 0
And saved as jpg quality 10
R=Radius A=Amount T=Threshold

Later in this review I will try to find out how this 150-500mm lens perform on
35mm film format, I don't own a FX camera so I will use my trusty old Nikon F100
and SLIDE FILM!!!!

Sigma 80-400mm Os @200mm - Vs - Sigma 150-500 Os @200mm
Sigma 80-400mmOS@200mmF6,3
Sigma80-400mm@200mm F6.3

Sigma80-400mm@200mm F8

Sigma80-400mm@200mm F11

Sigma80-400mm@200mm F16

Sigma 150-500mm@200mmF6,3
Sigma 150-500mm@200mm F6.3

Sigma 150-500mm@200mm F8

Sigma 150-500mm@200mm F11

Sigma 150-500mm@200mm F16

To my eye F6.3 and F8 is the sharpest on both lenses and F8 is a bit ahead of F6.3
Sigma 80-400mm Os @300mm - Vs - Sigma 150-500 Os @300mm

80-400 6,3
80-400mm@300mm F6.3

80-400mm@300mm F8

80-400mm@300mm F11

150-500@300mm F6.3

50-500@300mm F8

150-500@300mm F11

The pattern repeats at 300mm focal length so I will only show F8 results from now on, just to keep this review manageable.

Sigma 80-400mm Os @400mm - Vs -Sigma 150-500 Os @400mm
Sigma 80-400mm OS @ 400mm F8
Sigma 80-400mm OS @ 400mm F8
Sigma 150-500mm OS @ 400mm F8
Sigma 150-500mm OS @ 400mm F8
 And finaly Sigma 150-500mm OS @ 500mm F8
Quick search Amazon for....
Sigma 150-500mm OS @ 500mm F8
Next page will further investigate this