In ear headphone tweaks

You have been reading in-ear headphone web reviews for hours and days and finally bought a pair that was highly rated and within your budget (I did). [Full article here]
The disappointment when you first plugged them in and listened to your favourite track was as big as your expectation of finally getting a great pair of IEM headphones (In Ear Mmonitor) at a decent price (I also had that experience).

Why did they sound that thin and edgy? All the reviews I had been reading rated them high and even called them “a bargain with a sound worth twice the asked price”!

After making some experiments with the included silicon tips I finally came to the solution that they didn’t fit my ear channels good enough, they didn’t manage to create an airtight chamber for the headphones to work in. That also caused them to lose level at the bottom end of the frequency range and made them sound harsh and thin.

I decided to spend a few more hours on the www to find some better headphone tips that might fit my ears better. I ended up buying four different types of tips as below, Silicone, Tree type, Memory foam (Red). The type of tips that saved me was a pair of the memory foam type made by Comply

Silicone-earbudsTree tupe headphone tips

Memoryfoam earphone tips





The solution was as simple as it was cheap, and at the end I was happy with my headphones as they now sound as good as the reviews that sold them to me indicated.

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