The HERO4 Black is a powerfull action camera that is a substantial upgrade to the previous GoPro GoPro says it have improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor.GoPro-4-back



The Black version is capable of 4K video at 30 frames per second, up from the 15fps of previous GoPros. The available resolutions and frame rates: 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 50fps, 1440p at 80fps, 1080p at 120fps, 960p at 120fps, and 720p at 120fps. It appears these cameras are no longer capable of 240fps! For still images, you’ll be able to capture 12 megapixel photos at 30 frames per second.


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jpeg 9.1 12 bit now released

English WebsiteIndependent JPEG GroupDevelopment SiteThe Independent JPEG Group IJG is responsible for the reference implementation of the original JPEG standard.
The reference software from the Independent JPEG Group was a key to the success of the original JPEG standard and has found widespread adoption in…

Epson Expression V800 and V850 photo scanners

Breaking NEWS! Epson Expression V800 and V850 photo scanners finally released.
I’m looking forward to review this scanner when it become available .

Based on the press release alone it doesn’t look like the new scanners to be any revolutionary development in relation to the current V700 and V750 models, more like a minor tweak. The main improvements seams to be found in the design of the film holders, led lights for shorter warm up and maybe software upgrades. I was hoping and almost expecting it to be upgraded with auto/manual focusing instead of the fixed focus system of the old V700/V750
Epson Press Release below.


Epson perfection V850 Pro and V800 enthusiast flatbed photo and film scanners.

Epson launches benchmark flatbed film and photo scanners. Building on the success of the Perfection V700 range, the new models’ professional quality, speed and productivity raise the bar once again

16th September 2014 – Epson announces the launch of two outstanding film and photo flatbed scanners: the Perfection V850 Pro and Perfection V800 Photo, for converting back catalogs and collections of photo film and prints into professional quality digital images.
Thanks to the quality of their optics, the size of their scanning area, their wide range of supported film formats and advanced options for dust & scratch removal, they lead the market in this segment.

The Perfection V850 Pro and Perfection V800 Photo provide the ultimate in professional scanning quality, speed and productivity across a wide range of positive and negative film formats, including 35mm strip, 35mm slide, medium format and 5×4 inch. The feature-rich Perfection V850 Pro is the ideal scanner for professional photographers and advanced amateurs. Photo enthusiasts wishing to scan an extensive collection of film in a variety of formats will find the Perfection V800 Photo provides easy to use functionality with fast, high-resolution results.

The Perfection V850 Pro and Perfection V800 Photo will be shown for the first time in Europe at Photokina (Stand B11, Hall 2.2, 16-21st September 2014, Koelnmesse, Cologne).

The dual lens system delivers high optical resolution scanning of film (at 6400 dpi) and photos (at 4800 dpi), with automatic selection of the appropriate lens for optimal scan quality and speed. With a high optical density (4.0 Dmax), the scanners reproduce a wide range of tones with extremely high accuracy, especially in dark areas of originals.

The new-design film holders are more robust and offer users greater control in adjusting the height of the film holder to fine tune the focus point and achieve sharper focus. The new film holders also include an anti-Newton ring plate to hold the originals flat for improved scan quality. The V850 comes with a second set for increased productivity.

Both models feature Digital ICE technologies to remove defects such as dust, hairs, scratches, fingerprints and creases from films, slides and photos, saving the time and effort of manual retouching. Digital ICE for film uses an advanced combination of infrared light and complex algorithms to detect and remove surface defects.

For high productivity, these new scanners use Epson’s ReadyScan LED technology, which provides an almost instant warm-up time of less than one second, meaning users can start scanning almost instantly. Both scanners are ENERGY STARqualified thanks, in part, to the very low power consumption required by the ReadyScan LED technology, and the extremely low scanning temperature generated by the LED light source makes it safe to scan even the most delicate of originals.

Additional features of the Perfection V850 Pro include: High Pass Optics (an anti reflection coating on the lens and super reflection mirror that deliver the highest level of image quality and improve scanning speed), a free fluid mount scanning accessory that can be ordered (also optional on the V800 Photo), and professional scanning software comprising of SilverFast® SE Plus 8 and i1 Scanner.

Key features

  • Dual lens system for optimized film (6400dpi) and photo (4800dpi) scanning
  • High optical density (4.0 DMax) for highly accurate tone reproduction
  • Scan widest range of film formats, including 35mm strip, 35mm slide, medium format and 5×4 inch
  • High productivity — Epson ReadyScan LED technology for almost instant warm-up; second set of film holders (Perfection V850 Pro)
  • Digital ICE restoration technologies for automatic removal/repair of film and photo defects
  • SilverFast® SE 8 (V800) and SilverFast® SE Plus 8 (V850) professional scanner software
  • ENERGY STAR-qualified for low power consumption