Epson Perfection V850 Pro review - Miscellaneous scans

Various scans from the Epson Perfection V850 Pro

First sample is this 6x17 Velvia 100F film scan. Photo shot by Leif Karlsson with my DIY 6x17 camera.


The small red squares is the places where the crops below is taken from. The 4800ppi scan became a 960mb file and the 3200ppi 450mb (approx).

Left column is straight from the Epson V850 and the right crops have been sharpened with USM A400 R2.0 T1 each crop square is 300x300px (100% size crops from the 4800 scan). Please disregard the defect around the sun chair that is caused by my abuse of the film.


The V850 crop above have been sharpened with USM A400 R2.0 T1 each crop square is 200x200px (100% size crops from the 3200 scan)


Just to be sure that there is no benefit in scanning at 4800px. The above image row is the 4800 crops down scaled to 3200px and with the same USM applied as in the previous 3200scan.

I also tried to upscale a 3200 scan to 4800 and they also looked the same to me.
Left scanned @4800 and the right one scanned @3200 and upscaled to 4800.

DIY 6x17 panorama camera by


DIY 6x17 Camera used for the 6x17 shot above.

Read more about it here!


Download the 4800ppi 6x17 scan crops.

Download the 3200ppi 6x17 scan crops.

Now its time for an Xpan slide film scan.

Image shot with an Hasselblad Xpan on Velvia 100 by Leif Karlsson


The Xpan slide was scanned @4800ppi on the V850 Pro, the new AN glass holders did a good work and kept the film flat during the scanning. The crops we are going to look at closer is marked in red


First set of crops, straight from the Epson V850 pro scanner no sharpening performed during scanning or afterwards. This is what the hardware can do. Each square is 300ppi and printed at high quality they would become 1"X1" or 25.4x25.4mm.


In this set of crops I have applied the (in this review) standard USM of A400 R2 T1 .


Finally a set of crops sharpened with Smart sharpen in lens blur mode with the settings I found to be best for this image. Take a close look at the shadows, smart sharpening give you control over shadow noise as well as highlight artifacts.
I will keep adding more to this page so look back frequently!
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