Kodak Ektar 100 review / evaluation

Some Fuji Velvia 50 VS Kodak Ektar 100 shoots.

This test is almost impossible but I will try anyway.
Impossible due to dependency on.....

1. Lab film development skills (Slidefilm and Negative film had to be sent to     different labs)

2. The scanner ability to handle the different film types
    (so this test is also about how respective film is suitable for my particular
     scanner Canon FS4000US).

3. Color, those films render colors different (But that is almost      uninteresting today since most people will digitalize there film and colors will be
     altered anyway)

Anyhow here is the test shoot images

Full frame Kodak Ektar 100
Test scene full frame 4000dpi scan on Canon FS4000US
Shoot with Nikon F100 and Sigma 70mm 1:2.8 DG Macro @ F8
Fuji Velvia sample crop
Kodak Ektar 100 sample crop
   Fuji Velvia 50 shot at ISO50 F8
   USM R03 A400 T0

   Kodak Ektar 100
   shot at ISO64 F8 USM R03 A400 T0

My conclusion so far is that the new Kodak Ektar 100 suits my scanner better than any film that I have used before.

I will from now on use it at any time that I intend to shoot film that I intend to scan (Read "all film").

To bad that Kodak doesn't seams to intend to make this film for 120 format cameras :0(
   Straight from the flatbed scanner!
   Euro bill put directly on the scanner and
   Scanned at 300dpi, scan then downscaled
   to match film scanns in size No USM added
   (Not fair at all :0)

Next test scene is from the Stockholm "Pudong island" Liljeholmen
Lets look at and compare the film grain of Velvia 50 and Ektar 100

Velvia 50
Ektar 100 grain structure

   Velvia 50 has very fine grain indeed!
   (Straight from the scanner No USM shot at iso50)

   But the New Ektar 100 is a bit better.. OR?
   (Straight from the scanner No USM shot at iso64)

Velvia 50
Ektar 100 grain when slight USM sharpening are added
   Velvia 50 same square as above but now
   with some USM added to make it easier
   to spot the grain structure !
   (USM R0.3 A400 R0)
   Kodak Ektar 100 same square as above
   but now with some USM added to make it    easier to spot the grain structure !
   (USM R0.3 A400 R0)

Head to head the grain level of those two films are pretty much the same even thought the pattern looks a bit different (Could also depend on how the scanner in use reacts on different film structure and emulsion)

Wile scanning those two films for this test I felt that it was much easier to get
a nice result when I scanned the Ektar even thought Vuescan doesn't yet have
a film profile for Ektar 100 pro.

At the end it all up to you to chose and both films have different good and bad sides
for me the Ektar is the winner due to better results from the scanner that I own.

If you own a different scanner it might be the other way around so I suggest you
get a few rolls of each and make your own conclusions.

Like in the real world, lots of things come in different flavors and it is all a matter
of personal taste :0)
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