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And even more test images :0)
Test shot with the home built 6x17 viewfinder camera
  This photo was taken by my friend Leif when he borrowed the camera
  for some test shoots! (Visit his great photo gallery)
  Leif told me that it was quite windy at the time this photo was taken.
  The overcast skies + center filter together rendered a shutter speed
  of 1 second at F22, despite those conditions the image are quite sharp!

  Schnider Center filter was used with the 90mm F8 lens.

  [Click here to get a 1200px wide view of the image above]

  Crop 1 is taken from the right hand square of the image above.
  Crop 2 is taken from the left hand square of the image above.
  Both crops are at 100% of the 2400px/in scan and some mild USM
  where applied as follows. Radius=1.0 Threshold=3 Amount=500

  Canon canoscan 9950F used for scanning.
Scneider 3b center ND filter
The center filter from Schneider #3b in the image above exposure was
adjusted 2 steps to compencate for the center filter!
  I will return to this project later, I have some modifications in mind
  and maybe also a full building instruction with building plans!
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