Canon G10 review by

During this review of the Canon G10, I tried to find out if it fulfill my expectations

and needs as a enthusiastic amateur as a complement for those moments when
it is inappropriate or inconvenient to bring to my DSLR the question is does it?


The Canon Powershot G10 will stay as my new partner!

I will line up some of the reasons below, for me It will
be a complement to my DSLR
It will not replace it.

A small DSLR like the Nikon D60
or any of the tiny Olympus 4/3
DSLR's will easily outperform the
Canon G10 in all respects except
for portability and quietness.
And you can almost get one of
those DSLR'S at the same price
as they ask for the Canon G10!

My previous compact was the good old Powershot S70 it had a wide angle lens
of 5.8-20.7 the G9 was on my list for a wile but I really wanted a wider lens
when the G10 showed up I got several arguments to upgrade.

  1. The G10 has almost the angle of the PS70 6.1-30.5 as a bonus I get a longer zoom to 3.6x for the PS70 vs 5x for the G10.
  2. IS (Image stabilization) The PS70 didn't have that and since I want to keep
    the ISO setting below 200 IS will be a great asset.
  3. The G10 has several turn knobs for controls that makes it easy and fast to
    adjust and control exposure in the G9 and PS70 I had to use the menu button
    and the LCD to make exposure compensation I use and love this new feature on
    the G10.
  4. The G10 feels like a real camera in my hand unlike the PS70 but like the G9

That was the main arguments for me, other people might have other arguments to
favor one over the other like.
  • G10 has larger more powerful built in flash
  • G10 has less chrome decorations :0)
  • G10 has higher pixel count (Not the same as resolution)
  • G10 Is the newer one
  • G10 has better movie function (It still not a digicam)
  • G10 as a shutter speed of 1/4000 vs G9 1/2500 (If your thing is to freeze water drops)
  • G10 has a higher res LCD screen (The one G9 has is great, most people wouldn't see the difference)

So any argument to get the G9 instead?
  • G9 is a bit smaller and lighter than the G10
  • G9 has a bit lower pixel count but who cares
  • G9 has a lens with better reach (but doesn't goo as wide as the G10)
  • G9 is on gen back and I can get one cheep
  • I already own the G9 so I find a upgrade to G10 to be luxury (It would be)
  • I bet there is hundreds of more arguments so I stop here :0)

Finally I have uploaded some High res JPG files to Picasa for you :0)
Download them and make your own evaluation if you like!
[Picasa library of Stockholmviews]

I know that this review might not give the answers on all your questions
but I don't have access to a laboratories environment or the time to perform a
pathological review so I intend to stop here and let you make your own decisions.

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