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February 5, 2014

jpeg 9.1 12 bit now released

English WebsiteIndependent JPEG GroupDevelopment SiteThe Independent JPEG Group IJG is responsible for the reference implementation of the original JPEG standard.The reference software from the Independent JPEG Group was a key….

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January 17, 2014

Belair Instant Back

NEWS: Belair Instant Back now available!It is now possible to take instant photos with the Belair 6×12 camera from Lomography.The New accessory can be ordered from the Lomography shop right….

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December 1, 2013

Nikon Df First Impressions Review: Digital Photography Review

Nikon Df First Impressions Review  November 2013 | By Barney Britton   Preview based on a pre-production Nikon Df After being leaked almost as thoroughly as the NSA’s surveillance programs (right?),….

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September 6, 2013

Sigma USB Dock the future of 3rd part lenses!

Sigma USB Dock | Sigma.Reflections: The Sigma dock might be the biggest threat so far in regards of  3rd part DSLR lens vendors. Sigma has constantly been challenging the big….

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Below you can find links to my latest articles and reviews.
Ewa Marine Bag type UV housing for DSLR a Review
Lucroit filter holder for Sigma 8-16mm HSM lens
Nikon FX DSLR cameras in stock at Amazon.com @ right price right now!
The Slik Pro 823CF carbon fibre tripod review by www.stockholmviews.com
Dell Ultrasharp U2711 + i1-Display 2 reviewed
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Scanner cleaning
Vuescan by hamrick software

I have recently been working with other than photographic related projects, I still
wanted to share those projects with people that find it interesting so I decided to
put them in a new category called "Off topic". You can find it in the main menu.

For now there are two new projects in the off topic category.

Sigma 8-16mm review
Canon Canoscan 9000F review
Iphone app's for phoptographers
Diy 6x12 camera

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Photo Forums

Last updates contains.

New section called "Off topic" this part of the website contains various kind of topics that are covering my interests that are apart from cameras and photography.
At the "Off topics" section yo will find things like a review of a new kind of synthetic badminton shuttle cook called Winex Nanofly and an extensive section of how to maintain and improve a Range Rover 4.6HSE (P38) from -99 take a look and you will find it in the main menu!

A review of the mighty DELL U2711 ULTRASHARP 27" WIDE SCREEN monitor, this thing shows up to be what I consider to be the bargain of the year!

The Iphone can actually be a useful tool even for a photographer even thought it has a lousy camera..

Leif Karlsson reviews the Hasselblad Xpan in a long time experience way of view.

A review of the top class pen tablet, the Wacom Intuos 4.

The Stockholm views Photo gallery opening has finally taken place!

Canon G10 review and noice examination.

A review of the Panasonic PT-AE3000U digital projector/beamer i respect of digital still
image projection + a review of a HDMI over cat6 cable extender.

Canon Lide 200 scanner review with lots of example scans and scanning of different originals.

Article on the subject "is mirror up useful for handheld photography?".

There is also a easy to perform upgrade tweak of the excellent and cheap lightweight
tripod from Manfrotto the model 719B / 724B /728B Digipod.

You will also find a tutorial of how to scan panorama images from your
Hasselblad Xpan / Fujifilm TX-2 camera without trouble.

It also contains a review/evaluation of the New 2008-12-10 Kodak Ektar 100 professional film

The review of the great value Sigma 150-500mm APO OS HSM is now completed.

Stockholm views contains images and position information related to Stockholm in Sweden it is also the home
for diy photo gear freaks.

This is the place to visit if you are interested in building your own inexpensive photography equipment.

All this can be found at the D.I.Y page.
You can also find a
discussion forum for all kinds of diy related photo equipment and
Ideas, here you and like minded people can discuss and inspire each other to new great diy photography projects.

just like I have been inspired myself by others do it yourself projects I have for an example constructed and built
my own 6x17 camera, a panorama head, a scanner camera, and a GPS unit for my Nikon Camera +++.

I suggest that you take your time and browse stockholmviews.com to find out for your self if there is anything that might interest you and maybe you have some ideas to discuss in the diy photo forum for a new diy photo project that you
would like to develop and publish on this site in the future.

take care / Red

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